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Full Version: Spammer - Minecraft/Skype/Steam/Shout Boxes/etc...
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So I have been working on this program sense I basically started programming. I have come to the point where I can not simply add any more features to this program with my coding skills. So I have decided to release this to the public.

Instructions on how to use:
1) Set messages and settings with in programs for what you are gonna be doing
2) Open what you want to spam minecraft skype steam what ever. (for this to work the program must be in focus at all times)
3) Press the Home Key on your keyboard this will start the spamming process
4) To stop simply press the End Key

Features :
Unlimited Messages to spam with
Load spams from file
Edit spams that have already been added
Adding and Removing of single lines of spams
Clear List for clearing the entire list of spams
Prefix's - Add a prefix that will never change for each spam message
Suffix's - Add a suffix that will never change for each spam message
Spam Counter Prefix/Suffix - This will send the spam count either in the prefix or suffix of the spam message
Rand Spam with custom Length - This will send a spam message that is completely randomized with capitals lowercase and numbers
Customize Messages To Send - Set the amount of message to send to a user or click Infinite Messages to set no limit
Automatic Settings - This will give you the ability to set default settings for each spam type (Minecraft, Skype, Steam, SMF Shoutbox)

Hot Keys:
Start Spam - Home Key
Stop Spam - End Key
Toggle Prefix - PageUp
Toggle Suffix - PageDown
Toggle Random Spam - Insert

Screen Shot
[Image: jsspammerfinal.png]

Download Link - https://www.mediafire.com/?77ith1la3zhbeii

Coded in VB.Net
Source Download - https://www.mediafire.com/?vs4e2ib1jgtwzeb

Double post

Be sure to comment if you liked this program Smile