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Full Version: Toolbox Ip dos BETA
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This is a beta release of a project I worked on but forgot about. I'm not sure where I left off and need beta testers to check this out and post any problems here.

Happy hunting.

[Image: BdUGuU7.png?1]
Hi canister
Riser, post: 112461, member: 992 Wrote:Hi canister

Mind saying a little more about what the program does/what the purpose of it is? I'm willing to check it out but need to know what it's SUPPOSED to be doing in order to see if there are any bugs Tongue
Wow long time no see canister,
Wait.. so can i DDos myself and use this as a lagswitch? :confused:
Just a wonder cani. Why did you not make this use HTTP's ?

I will deff test this out for you thanks for the post
I'll test it. What does this do?