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Full Version: Server Stat Collector vPreRelease
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About: The program will gather server counts from all servers you add to a list. This will then update a database (currently only updates a text file). Which will then be depicted by a php website of which you can that incorp in your website to read through the logs.
Comment: I have been working on this program as a personal program but decided to code it so its more custom and can be used by any one. How ever the program is a rather long ways from being released publicly. This program is one of the most interesting programs I have developed and is using all the skills I have and enjoy using.
Current Games Supported:
- Minecraft
(I plan on adding G-Mod, TF2, CSS, and More!)
Screen Shots:
These are coming once I getting a working version of this for public use. As I have not got it to the point of where a public version is fully working.
This is a example of what it will look like once it give a output.
Expected Time of Relase: Unknown...
Current Requirements: WinSCP (I plan on making where that is not required and will require a mysql database. How ever I may make it where it can use both!)
This is a actual program. This program is actually working. How ever it is not modified for public use.
Screen Shot
[Image: statcollector.png]
Alright I posted a screen shot just a small update of what the program will actually look like when it is finished. How ever it will be receiving more updates later!