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Full Version: War Lords Hack Loader v1.0 Is Here
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Alright here is the first Realse of THe Hack Loader For All Of Us Nooby Hackers

  - un zip hack loader
  - run hack loader
  - browse for your hacks
  - browse for starcraft or chaos if u use it
  - got to file -> Save Settings
  - enable or disable auto load for hacks
  - click start starcraft or chaos depends wat u use
  - if you enabled auto load wait for the timer to run out and ur hacks will load
  - Enjoy!

i can see ver 1.2 coming out so give me ideas

My Ideas

  - Auto Load on start up of program
  - save settings will include auto load so it rembers wat all u had set and all you have to do is press ctrl + L

thats all i got give me ideas its gonna be a good program try it out

Comes with
  - Drop Hack Protection
  - Drop Hack
  - Oblivion
  - astat Flood Protection
  - Chaoslauncher
  - Game List Cleaner
Lets Give This A LITTLE BUMP
And some support Big Grin
thx for the support the v1.1 is coming out soon im fixing that last few bugs and it should be ready for realse lol and it comes with a how to video for those people that arent taht good with computers
as you probly read i cant seem to code something with it correctly but i will probly realse it any ways cause it works for some people so ya
thank you