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Full Version: Starcraft Hack Loader v1.3
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This program loads your hacks for Starcraft With ease.

Thank you, Alicia Melchiott for bringing a error to my attention,

I have done a over haul to the program hope you enjoy Smile

War Lords Hack Loader v1.3 Updates - 8/23/2012
- Changed the way Logs are saved
- Changed the way hacks are loaded
- Changed the way Clients are loaded
- Over Hauled The Gui
- Completed The Log Viewer
- Changed Up Colors
- Added Remove Button From Hacks
- Thank you Alicia Melchiott For Finding Errors

War Lords Hack Loader v1.1 Updates - 1/11/2011
- Changed Location of Logs to \Logs\
    - Logs Are Labeled  By Date
- Added Check All Button
- Added Updates Link To Look At Updates In Program
- Added Error Protection To Error 53 - No File Found
- Added An Idle Option + Delay Timer + On/Off Switch
- Fixed Check Problem
- Added Options Form
- Added Communication Between Forms
- Got rid of a lot of extra codes that werent needed
- Loaded Every Thing In Settings that you can think of
- Has a clock to keep track of that all import time
- Locked The Text Boxes
- Logs Every Thing You Do
- Mid Process Removed Load Settings Message Box
- Made it Color Full Black White Was Boring
- Idle Message Status Is Accurate
- Moved Help and About To File Tab
- Short Cuts Added List Below
    - Load Settings = Ctrl + L
    - Save Settings = Ctrl + S
    - Help        = Ctrl + H
    - About    = Ctrl + A
    - Exit        = Ctrl + E
- Fixed Tab Index
- Log Viewer (Beta - Has Minor Errors But Usable)

Copyright @ 8/23/2012 | Written By : PaSS @ War-Lords.net
Thank you Alicia Melchiott For Finding Errors And Coming To Me To Fix Errors :)
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Screen Shot

[Image: mjgb5xykgqrg96lfm4or.png]

This may have a few errors if so please report them thank you

Download :http://www.mediafire.com/?cl1qjqw7drws884

Comes with These Hacks
- Drop Hack Protection
- Drop Hack
- Oblivion
- Astat Flood Protection
- Chaoslauncher
- Game List Cleaner (gets rid of games that have lat)
- Blacklist
- Low Lat
- Mineral Hack (doesnt work)
- wDetector
- Astat Flooder
thank you X100
not a problem i thank you Smile