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Report Guideline and helpful information - M. Bison - May 04 2011

To report a player, you first need to be sure the perpetrator broke a rule.

Full & Updated Rules:

Once you are sure they have broken a rule, you will need to provide evidence.

This is the most important part: to report a player you need to provide evidence. The details on how to obtain evidence can be found below. You will also need to provide their Steam ID.

Where to find Steam IDs
You can find a players Steam ID by typing "status" into console and looking for his name.

Alternatively you can use gameME or the PUG Stats site.
(wL) PUG Stats: http://servers.war-lords.net/pugs/
(wL) gameME: http://wls.gameme.com/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:000000
Anything important such as proof, chat log, screenshots, etc.

For hackers, all you need to do is to record a demo. Follow these steps below to record a demo:
  1. Enable developer console, hit ~ to bring it up
  2. Type "record hackername" into console
  3. Spectate the said hacker for a few minutes till you have conclusive evidence
  4. Type "stop" into console
  5. Locate your game directory(right click the game on Steam library, and click view all files)
  6. Open up the cstrike folder(CSS) or csgo folder(CSGO) and look for the file hackername.dem
  7. Upload it to a site(preferably mediafire.com) or attach it to the post
PUG Servers:
For PUG servers, you do not need to record a demo for hackers. All you have to do is locate the pug stats page and post it along with your report. Make sure to provide any relevant ticks or round #s to help us locate the suspicious incident. You can also search for players using the search box on the pug site.

(wL) PUG Stats: http://servers.war-lords.net/pugs/

Public Servers
If you find a griefer, you can easily locate their chat log by going to their gameME profile and searching for their Steam ID or recent name.

(wL) gameME: http://wls.gameme.com/