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We need a new wL Logo! - Riser - Jun 17 2017


We have been using this same logo for years now, I think it's time for a new logo!

Anyone can submit their designs but heres a rough guideline:
  • Compliments the sites design
  • Try to keep the aspect ratio of the image same to the logo.png file
  • Submit a PNG file here but have a PSD version or the source version ready too
Feel free to submit anything, even trollolols.

There's no prize for the winner atm, but depending on how good the turn out is.. I might just contribute something for the winner.

RE: We need a new wL Logo! - Angel - Jun 17 2017

I made one, but I deleted it or put it somewhere i cant remember.

RE: We need a new wL Logo! - i cri everytiem - Jun 18 2017

Like this comment if you do NOT want a new logo.