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ban appeal for "retard" - 150DreamTeam - Mar 27 2021

So neTex is kind of upset that he lost in a pug i guess so he proceeded to ping me in another discord later that night and spam message me to try to get me to argue with him , 30 minutes later he gives up . Sp today hes in another discord arguing with somebody about a situation that has nothing to do with me he proceeds to call me out , and then gets upset when i say that hes upset he lost in a pug and then bans me ? im not quite sure what rule i broke to get banned but i would like to hear this one from netex himself.

RE: ban appeal for "retard" - tommy. - Mar 27 2021

didnt know you guys let racist people be admin


RE: ban appeal for "retard" - HunterX848 - Mar 27 2021

seems like something netex would do.