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Banned  Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater
demo is my last game on nuke or his last game on nuke his profile is below

Player -

ign - Had3j

Report - Obvious wallhacks / aimbot / scripts

other witnesses who can confirm he is also walling - stylez , ralph , matt/mrl, tardbus,

watch the demo for your selves if you feel these clips are taken out of context. No callouts were made for 99 % of these clips due to the players on his team not having mics ( ralph - alive - him - his friend - and sony ). I would also like to point out despite his randomly bhopping around and zero game sense he never gets caught off guard by an enemy.

evidence -- 

to start it off

gets kicked for command spamming due to his shitty scripts
doesnt check up top or heaven and instantly knows he is there - not the most convicting but later clips will prove hes wall hacking

aimbot # 1 -

aimbot # 2 and walls

aimbot # 3

wallhacks -

walls -

confusing his teammate for his enemy - hes clearly new to cheating since he cant hide it well.

wallhacks -
normally i wouldn't include clips like this because normal players sometimes do this because they know an enemy is close but since there is so much evidence against him i am 100 % sure he knew he was behind the box.

walls - - a continuation of last clip just knows im behind the box.

wallhacks -

he then wraps around and kills me but gyazo wasnt long enough to capture it all but you get the point.

walls walls walls walls walls

bhoping doesnt look normal and im pretty sure he was crouching could be wrong on this one
this is what made me think he was queued with his friend - the chances of him shooting a deagle and then someone coming and flashboosting afterwords is slim to none. I would also like to note this same friend was trying to do the "ladder shot " from heaven just like his cheater friend and his friend only has 1 game on WL where the cheater has 3.

most obvious clip

to finish it off
"Alive ace" another shitty wallhacker cant even tell when someone else is blatantly cheating and he was on the same team as him.

This is all the evidence I have to offer.

Thanks for reviewing

please ban his friend as well for colluding with a cheater

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