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Expired  gabe blatant cheater blatant blatant
Gabe hacks?

impossibru, he owns volvo
Just Go With IT. √

 Why are you even looking here? scroll down if you can.
Lmaoooo Sibrox
(Jun 04 2016, 07:16 PM)Jesse_Watters Wrote: I believe I have proof of gabe hacking.
take a look how his mouse moves almost solely across the x axis and then y axis. i have compared this with other footage, and both he and typical players move their crosshair across both axises at the same time.
here he is approaching B from jail. he accidentally traces a player behind a corner who is jumping from upper to lower. i think this confirms carbs suspicions that he uses wallhacks. he then goes on to make another kill, then does a random 360, and waits for an opponent behind the wall to peek. after this round, the T team calls bullshit on him, and tries to initiate a votekick. this round of his is what people label as his "miraculous game sense"

pair the above round with the following rounds:

this is the next round, after he was called out. he is the last one alive on his team (everyone is watching) and he is standing in literally the same spot as he was in the round above. he has the same weapons. awp and deagle. here he plays like someone with a 2 rws. he doesn't approach the site with any of that miraculous skill that he had before. he doesn't bother looking upper so cautiously like he did in the above video where he traces the player through the wall (obviously accidentally, once again).

finally, compare this below video with the video where his crosshair whips across the x and then y axis. an enemy makes themselves visible near the catwalk, and in return, gabe files his deagle at the ground without making an attempt to move his mouse. when he does, he moves his crosshair across both the x axis and y axis at the same time.

this is the pug:

in this pug (and as seen by the above demos) 4 of the 5 (and i am not counting myself) opponents call hacks. this includes zion and griz. we all know the usual people who call hacks etc, but this pug from the past made the list grow. also, i uploaded these videos the other day, and was reluctant to post them because i didn't review them enough, but after re-watching them with a fresh mind i believe they definitively show that he is using something to give him an advantage. it also seems like someone reviewed the clips already and commented on the videos. just add another +1 of people who think he hacks...

good clips
0:23 - look at initial crosshair placement.
the crosshair begins about 10cm below the
middle of the box. after Gabe gets the
frag, his crosshair returns to this exact
y-coordinate. this indicates that Gabe
is using an aimkey/aimtrigger cheat that,
when pressed, moves his crosshair towards
a specific bone of the target player and
then moves back to the "idle" position
where it was before the press. this is
made more clear in his "unenhanced" video

0:11 - Gabe, while performing a similar shot to
the one he took in the "enhanced" video,
fails to perform a similar mouse action
in this clip. his crosshair remains level
on the y-axis, indicating a lack of an
aimkey press. the awp shot he takes after
this is more of the same, his crosshair
remains steady, indicating a lack of an
aimkey press.

0:25 - Gabe's initial crosshair placement is just
as awful as per the usual, staring at
the floor. when he takes the shot, however,
his crosshair remains on this y-coordinate
even after he whiffs. this either means that
he didn't press the aimkey or that he held it.
however, the chances that he held it are
EXTREMELY low, since there was no jitter
whatsoever when his target started to move.
I can safely say that this clip is clean, and
I merely include it to further contrast with
his "enhanced" deag clip.

In conclusion:
I personally don't know if Gabe cheats.
there are lots of instances where the non-
sketch things i mentioned are common in his
gameplay. I am uncertain if there is enough.
The clips Jesse recorded provide only one or
two instances in which Gabe was possibly
cheating. keep in mind that a great deal of
the evidence to suggest that Gabe cheats is
purely circumstantial, and since he
hasn't triggered any EyeAngles violations
(recently), we can't say DEFINITIVELY that
he cheats until further evidence surfaces.
I received the above over Steam chat... I went back and looked at 0:23 of the video and IN FACT there is very strange behavior going on with the crosshair, his crosshair shifts back down on the y axis after delivering the kill in a very robotic fashion. I did not see this on my side when I first watched the video.
he cheats and has been, gj admins
mmmmmm interesting kek Big Grin
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i'm pretty sure jesse cheats
This thread is about Gabe.
As your leader i will not force you to give up relationships and play cs instead, that's on you. if i gotta push you to play the game u want to make a living out of, then this shit aint for you.

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