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Expired  gabe blatant cheater blatant blatant
How much longer until war Lords gets rid of this cheater?

Here's another from today. I have isolated in this video his use of the aimkey / aimtrigger. The crosshairs movement is like that of in the earlier video I shared at 0:23 seconds. (for reference, 23 seconds here: )
Keep trying Jesse Smile
At least this keeps you from doing something with your boring ass life.

Looks legit to me... just checked the demos and doesnt look like aimkey / aimtrigger...
[Image: 20j1ild.png]
thanks for taking the time to show interest in investigating this... - not sure what you're looking for, but it's obviously not used every round.

really i'm a bit surprised how the 2 clips i've provided is not ample evidence.
well... i can be wrong too... maybe some other admin can watch this too!!
[Image: 20j1ild.png]
Yo I just started playing CS:GO Jesse, come play with me ^_^
Im goona check more deeply into these demos when i get home!! Can u guys invite me to play too lol?!
[Image: 20j1ild.png]
Yeah dude I'll add you and we can play when I'm done with GO.
Almost rank 2, so I can play comp ^_^
I got rank 3 last night lol! But im still not used to cs:go
[Image: 20j1ild.png]
I'll be taking a look at the demos when i get home.
[Image: you-better-break-me-off-a-piece-of-that-...927474.png]

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