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Expired  gabe blatant cheater blatant blatant
(Apr 16 2016, 07:00 AM)l0g Wrote: ban him very blatant very such obvious. are admins protecting this blatant 100% undeniable cheater? ban ban ban cheater cheater cheater obvious blatant.

but forreal, this post has to officially be made to address this blatant cheater that plays in wL pug servers every day with no repercussion. Several high level, experienced players have come forward and agreed that Gabe is a CHEATER, but that has not been enough, as it's just talk within this small community. Admins have to be aware of what is going on.

more proof will soon be allocated to this thread with particular demos which offer the most undeniable proof that his play is enhanced by a 3rd party program.

gabe uses a 3rd party program that gives him a aimbot and wallhacks with possible triggerbot.
lets start here at simple observations at stats:

legit players using no 3rd party program maintain consistent levels of accuracy and hsp (stats which are available through the wL website) Take for example myself and another experienced player beahbreahb.

if you look at his month to month hsp and accuracy percentage levels you will notice that they maintain consistent levels with low +- intervals of maybe 1-2% , same with his hsp.

if you look at my stats here , my month to month hsp and accuracy levels are very consistent. this is the trend for non cheating players.

now, lets take a look at Gabe here

While maintaining similar levels of 100+ ADR and FPR month to month which means he is not an inexperienced player who is improving their play, and these are not flukes as he has a significant number of kills and pugs played each month. His HSP and accuracy levels are jumping more than an Olympic hurdler. His HSP levels jumping from 12% to a whopping 25%. and accuracy from 20% to 35%! wow he sure is good.

other facts to take into consideration are his abnormal play behaviors and resulting play which correlates with toggling.
It's very easy to detect when Gabe is playing unenhanced. Usually when there is a high number of spectators or he has recently been called out ingame. From there his common AFKing mid round or at the start of the round to toggle occurs (this is a common thing every few rounds where he afks for a moment to adjust his 3rd party software) His resulting play is not surprising. When Gabe is unenhanced, his amazing headshots do not occur anymore. The miraculous game sense and play is now amateur. The aim is now non-existent and very poor suggesting that he does use a aimbot which results in miraculous headshots for him. This is evident in demos of his pugs and shows his significant difference in play.

Now, we do not look at when he is playing unenhanced to prove that he cheats, we have to look at the suspicious clips of when he is toggled on and running his software. We can say "he doesnt play as good here, so how is he so good now? He must have been cheating".  But that doesn't fully prove he is cheating because we all can have a good round. We have to break down certain clips of his suspect play and analyze them to prove that he has an enhanced and omniscient understanding of the game and situation that is not possible through legit means.

oh, and hes been banned for cheating before.

once again more proof will soon be allocated to this thread with particular demos which offer the most undeniable proof that his play is enhanced by a 3rd party program.

You would be surprised that there are still people to this day who defend him. That 5*star kid is the first one who comes to my mind, the excuse making and slothful induction is off of the charts with him. 2nd person that comes to mind is Bison, unfortunately.
As your leader i will not force you to give up relationships and play cs instead, that's on you. if i gotta push you to play the game u want to make a living out of, then this shit aint for you.
damn talk about resurrecting an old topic there jesse lol.
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Pretty sure 5 is just trolling, him and that pedro or pedo guy or whatever.

Gabe cheats fo sho, he lives 30 mins away, was all like bruah lets lan, and he said he'd rather not cuz of his embarrassing amount of crusty manga pillows.

I think it's cuz he's a chedder.
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