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Asia Draft Tournament-Matches
(Sep 22 2017, 05:27 AM)pudin Wrote: LOL. So much rage. Dont blame others, kid. Maybe im the sucky stand in haha.

I didnt even register for the tourny, but I was asked to be sub for almost every team, or maybe all the teams because so many players registered but didnt turn up as expected. I remember i was already sub and in game but someone still steam message if i could sub for another team, that's how bad it is. Organizing tourny is not easy so have some respect for the organizers and the players.

Me & Jan had so much fun, in fact i had so much fun at nuke. Epic. We have crusader and steroid falling to their death from height. Its the fun that matters. Enjoy the friendship and have fun, nobody is perfect just as nobody is invincible in this game. I just want to play with people i enjoy with, too old for stress. <3

I still blame  steroid for Overtime : Tongue

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