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quest cheating
10 year old account, bought like any other typical cheater Big Grin
Fake hours on source, 2.7k hours
Total playtime as of now is: 160h 55m 51s 

Guy was using aim assist/walls on strike match
Host_timescale 100 to speed through demo.

27 mins mid, slow it down to 4.8% on demo manager, can be opened with shift + F2
aim locks/trigger guy on boxes

34 mins 24 secs
uses walls to control movement recoil, so that weapon recoil is perfect when the enemy guy peaks lmfao

Last round, 2v1 on strike he uses walls to what looks like, time his flashes, his teammate didn't even get info on the guy on cat, the guy on cat walked the whole way.

Decided to make sure i wasn't seeing shit on that strike match so i went to watch another demo.

I watched a couple rounds, until 11 mins on demo.
His awp ace/awp 4k cant remember, when he was in that 1v1 situation he uses walls at garage, when enemy was outside mini, heading to heaven. he avoids peaking his ass. He was doing this... avoiding enemies throughout the whole match, with walls, timing his peaks etc.

Then the one which pretty much confirms that he's using aim assist, somewhere in the 7th round, 10 mins in, at rafters, he uses aim assist. 

An admin can check more of the demo to confirm, if any of these parts of the demo is suspicious

Update: also forgot to add, use r_drawothermodels 2, he can see him using aim assist, you'll also see him using walls now and then to avoid enemies/time peaks perfectly etc. He hides it now and then.

Throughout the nuke match, he uses walls, some players who watch the demo know the playstyle of wallers,
It's also clear again at 24 mins, if you slow it down and use drawothermodels 2 command.
[Image: 2lu7534.jpg]
Played with this dude twice today, there's no way he was pulling those plays off from what I've seen.
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(Oct 26 2017, 07:29 PM)Caillou Wrote: Played with this dude twice today, there's no way he was pulling those plays off from what I've seen.

he's toggled off/played it low ever since that Tuscan pug lol
[Image: 2lu7534.jpg]
(Oct 26 2017, 10:53 PM)Deadplanet Wrote:
(Oct 26 2017, 07:29 PM)Caillou Wrote: Played with this dude twice today, there's no way he was pulling those plays off from what I've seen.

he's toggled off/played it low ever since that Tuscan pug lol

Since it appears that he's not as good as he was in those tuscan matches, he must be using some sort of assistance.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Hey, I haven't taken the time to watch the demo but I will soon. Those 2.7k hours on Source are mine, the 1.3k hours I have on CS:GO are mine, I've played 500 Source gathers on ESL when they existed, I've played 1000 Source gathers on a French equivalent to WarLords.

French PUG website profile:
Ratings for this account:
Esl profile:

I've been playing CS for 8 years, stopped Source for GO a while ago but I've recently been wanting to PUG on Source a bit. You probably don't care about all this and I'll understand I can't convince you I'm not hacking, but dude, there's nothing there and I've got a full load of proof of me playing legit these last 8 years. Sure, you can still say I bought this account, but if there's anyway I can prove I haven't, tell me, I'll have what you want in no time. Lastly, yeah I'm an inconsistent player, sometimes I'll suck bad and miss easy shots, sometimes I'll pull some nice stuff, who doesn't experience this on CS ?

Hope you'll manage to accept I'm not using any cheats, assistance etc ... and hope some other players here will be able to back that up. See ya.
Just watched the demo and there's really nothing there:

- The first shot mid (27min) was some sort of flick, saw his head through the blinds and aiming through the box at head level doesn't seem like anything too crazy if I've seen him a second before.

- Kill at 34mins, mate just got killed, can hear him walk up ramp, what's wrong with this ? Not completely out of the ordinary even if I remember feeling quite lucky hitting it.

- Last round, I've got no info and I'm in a shitty spot (could get pushed from kitchen, apps or short). Cherish is playing 1v2 and I can only assume he's walking somewhere on the map. My first flash is just to secure my peek while I get info, at this point I still have no idea he's there. Then I smoke short to protect myself and concentrate on kitchen and apps but Cherish runs through smoke, I hear the steps and get the kill.

What's the second demo you watched?
I'm not really good at catching cheats so if it aint fishy as fuck then you might get nothing really of use from me but I will check out the demo anyways and watch the parts you said, and I will even get my good headphones to listen to it.

Update: The first thing to address is the thing that happened at mid
It seems fishy a little bit but you can definitely see his foot and quest aims at that foot and shoots it so I don't think anything is really wrong there but I am bad so don't take my word for it.

Second thing, about having walls and moving to get that perfect recoil and stuff :p 
it looks like normal movement to me and nothing to worry about.

For that last round, it does seem fishy to just flash out but he just wanted to peak it and that was the safest route to do it and the dude wasn't even there yet really and blah blah blah, seems fine to me.
The smoke he throws just for little protection from that side and then he does hear it so that's why he looks and gets the person coming through it.

and that is what I think of those spots really but those are the only spots I watched and was the only demo I watched so I don't have much since it would be better if i checked out more demos x)

Also do not take my word for any of this because I would like to repeat, I am bad and am not very good at catching cheaters unless they are blatantly obvious
Thank you and have a good day.
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Hi Big Grin
[Image: 2lu7534.jpg]
Not cheating.
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