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Im sorry for cheating (repost as i cant find my old one)
Ban Details
✪VIP✪ Phoon [STEAM_0:0:120018415]
SMAC Eye Test Violation
2017-12-01 12:56:33
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i want to appeal a ban in 2017,my steam id is [U:1:240036830]   

2 years ago,i got banned for using a cheat in the server,i thought it would be a good idea to cheat in servers but i got banned every time,i really enjoy playing this server as it was the only one i played,i want to apologize for cheating and ruining the fun in the server,i am willing to do anything to get unbanned as i really love this server,its the most fun i had in CSS,i hope i can make up for my actions and get unbanned,i promise i will come clean,i really want to play CSS again on this amazing server and i regret all my actions i did,hope i can make up my mistake

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