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ved / 51-50 ban appeal
Ban Details
51-50 [STEAM_0:0:562358190]
2020-12-18 07:39:16
GiB- [STEAM_0:1:20485599]
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Name: 51-50

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:562358190

First of all, I don't know how anyone could think I'm walling because I'm literally not even that good at all lmao especially compared to a lot of the people who play warlords haha my RWS is like 10 and I don't even remember the last time I top fragged on wL. That's sort of irrelevant but it's just funny lol. Also, I don't know how much faith I really have in this as I've heard from people that you have a tendency to false ban people but whatever. I personally know you false banned ><> as I reviewed the demo of the game he was banned for and all of it is clearly justified by game sense and/or in-game callouts AND now you've banned HUNTER?! LOL (he is undoubtedly one of the best and most experienced cs players I know and is 100000% not cheating)! Most importantly, I want to see the evidence backing up this ban that accuses me of walling and I will unquestionably discredit all of it. If not, I can stay banned (although u don't really need my permission lol). I'll even hop in discord with you @gib or any another admin(s) to review the evidence and I will justify the clips in real-time if you would prefer. I have been playing cs for a few years starting with csgo in which I have a total of around 3.5k hours on; although, I have been playing css for the past year and a half or so in which I have around 1300 hours now. Regarding my vac ban which will probably be mentioned, I recently tried to get [font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]a little bit back into csgo around 2 months ago as I was getting a little bored of css but when I would go to play csgo, 90% of the time I would be playing by myself because none of my friends wanted to play the game cuz they mostly think it's boring to which I don't blame them. After playing and fucking around for a month or two in casual and such by myself I got bored and my dumbass said fuck it and downloaded a bhop script to zoom across the map and make people rage in which I got banned a few days later. This decision was stupid although I don't really regret it because I don't care for the game anymore and wouldn't have scripted if I did. I have never cheated before in any other games and I hope this stupid decision does not affect my credibility. I usually don't put forth much effort into these kind of things; however, I truly enjoy playing on wL with my friends nearly every day and do not deserve to be banned. I would just like to discuss the ban and what you think I did wrong because I am truly innocent. My discord is ved#3127 please feel free to add me there or on steam as well.[/font]
Guys, I DONT cheet. Except for that one time where I cheated and got a vac ban lolz.
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