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Another aimbotter
This clip was sent to me. The date of the game is unknown but is close to the end of 2020

I don't expect him to get banned off of this clip even though he should.

A majority of people have already reported this guy. I personally think this is enough evidence to ban him.

Clearly using aimbot on the first kill

Slow it down if u cannot see it

His cross hair literally locks to his head at the same time he shoots.
Already been down this road before, he just got really good through the years of gaming and trying really hard.

Dont get your pussy in a twist over every good shot someone gets, sheesh
nobody shoots like that

and can legit see that aimbot flick to his head. Nobody shoots and flicks at the exact same time
Alive comes from a long line of gamers. His grandfather was cal-i s1 1.6. He was bread into this to be the best gaming machine he can be.

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