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BHOP Scripter
Demo -

Player -

Cheats - Auto hop / Strafe Optimizer

Auto hop = He can hold space instead of scroll wheel which will also give him perfect jumps

Strafe Optimizer = He just shakes his mouse back and forth and the script will strafe for him

Clips -
- strafe optimizer
- auto hop gets him stuck on the ladder

Watch the demo if you want more clips
His strafing seems all over the place in every round – at times, he moves like a robot, and in other moments, he appears all over the place. If he's relying on an autostrafer, it's not doing him any favors because half of the players on the server can bunnyhop smoother without resorting to cheats. Although I can't make a firm judgment about whether he's cheating based solely on this demo, I would say there's a 60% chance he's using something to assist his strafes.
Need more clips, any cunt can wiggle their mouse and hold a spacebar using their macro on a flat surface.
[Image: ?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett...rbox=false]

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