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Full Version: The Crunk God walling.
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Pretty sure The Crunk god walls at the very least, if not other shit too. This is probably a lot longer than it ever needed to be but I am a little manic right now so this is what you get. Important shit is in red.
The pugs I watched and how I will refer to them,
The Dust pug:   https://war-lords.net/pugs/87724
The Contra pug:https://war-lords.net/pugs/87725
I am just gonna list things as I see them while I watch these I HATE the demo system and so does my pc.
I am also gonna say he must toggle them off or just throws a few rounds for fun or whatever. (After review I think he is just bad.)
The Dust pug:
Rounds 1-3 checks spots, if he didn't check everywhere before he looked behind the door for rabbit on round 3 it could maybe be fishy but could just be a smart play.

Round 4 waits in long for rabbit to push, after a few shoulder peeks Rabbit ducks then does it again this guy goes from aiming head high to waist high for no reason. The only reason he didn't delete rabbit was because the duck threw him off lol.

Round 5 I honestly missed what happened and I can't rewind because demos.

Round 6 He really lined up that hs mid as if he could see thru that door. Still missed cause he sucks, but I feel like the line up was obv. Then he just does it again but shoots before even going into the open. Most blatant shot yet.

Round 7 he does it again in mid, this time he didn't wiff. Gonna say I am watching this with drawother models 2, I CANT rewind and don't wanna watch these demos 2 times with it on/off so MAYBE he can see something I think he can't and the wireframes are fucking with me, and I don't pick mid as a ct so MAYBE I just don't know the line ups. But I fucking doubt it. lol he even hesitates when someone crosses t-spawn behind the wall ass wall. The shots in long where impressive but nothing more.

Round 8-10 Just some fishy crosshair placement nothing I would call out.

Round 11 The shot on cat looked wild, the balls to double scope close for TWO people is crazy to me. Zero regard for anyone that could be up mid, because he knows there isn't.

Round 12 meh

Round 13 Pretty fucking blatant, double scoped on a door tracks Ryans head. Also of note me missed 3 very easy shots to stop the entry.

Round 14-15 More stuff that is only kinda fishy and I wasn't already decided he cheated when I started I would just give it a pass. BUT IMAGINE FLANKING LONG EVERY OTHER CHANCE BUT THE ROUND SOMEONE IS WAITING THERE JUST DECIDING NAH. Then that same person flanks the shit out of him because as mentioned, he is bad.
Second Half!

Round 16-17 He just not very good you know.

Round 18 again these mid shots are so blatant, I am temped to watch again without draw other models on because it just looks so obvious that he can see thru that door. He missed but that's not my point. Also thinking maybe some kinda no-recoil or something, if he just shot he would kick up into hs for a few of these rounds but he always pulls down too much. Maybe that's just him being bad.
Shout out to friendly for just having a good time.

Round 19-20 More of the same nothing stand out. But I am more confident than ever that he has some kinda recoil thing going on.

Round 6, 13 and 18 are the ones I would 'submit' if I was making some clips to get him banned but you know. I'm not.

On to the Contra match.

Round 1 maybe I am biased but the prefire on me was wild. Love that he missed then missed another 5 times while I stupidly peeked a waller. I real bad player. His bhops in warm up looked like scripts too because why not accuse him of everything at this point fuck em.

Round 2-3 Nothing of note.

Round 4  more strange bhops, follows his teammate thru the wall as he falls from upper. I don't think he knows the map? Some strange turns in all these rounds maybe checking spots thru walls? Then he doesn't look at my elephant ass noises, he is bad.

Round 5-6 Some strange shit that is only weird in the context of the whole.

Round 7 just lines up that hs thru the wall just to look away when the other guy runs into box. Then just fucking slams him thru the wall anyway. I feel like impulse has been on the receiving end of this guys most blatant rounds. rip.

Round 8 Much like Ryan I am done. I still want to do bonfire as well and I am more sure than ever about this kid.

Only round 7 was super obvious but pretty much all of it is various level of suspect. Maybe there is more here.

In conclusion fuck this guy, he is terrible.
(Apr 22 2022, 12:45 AM)Dark Matter Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty sure The Crunk god walls

(Apr 22 2022, 12:45 AM)Dark Matter Wrote: [ -> ]Round 5 I honestly missed what happened and I can't rewind because demos.
with demoui open, in console type 2x: demo_timescale 9999999999999

[Image: demotimescale.png]

you can skip through really fast now.