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NeteX false banning - lilfish - Mar 27 2021

NeteX decided to ban me and 150 because he's in the same discord as us with a jailbreak community, bragging about irrelevant stuff that doesn't matter and i replied he got upset and decided "I should use my powers on wL which isn't involved with this discord what so ever because i'm getting bullied" 

Either way i've already been told by netex himself that he doesn't care about warlords or being an admin.
He gets bullied on the internet he just uses his powers on there to perma ban me cause he can't handle someone typing to him?
I don't think that makes a good admin imo 
Either way the ban reason "retard" doesn't seem to be a good reason for me to be perma banned, just because netex had to cry and show off his admin.

RE: NeteX false banning - tardbus - Mar 27 2021

Can confirm, is fully retarded.

Netex is super important to WL community and should be promoted!

RE: NeteX false banning - tommy. - Mar 27 2021

didnt know you guys let racist people be admin


RE: NeteX false banning - tardbus - Mar 27 2021

That's clearly photoshopped. Nice try "tommy"

RE: NeteX false banning - HunterX848 - Mar 27 2021

seems like a false ban to me

RE: NeteX false banning - CaliSnipe - Mar 28 2021

Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems as your ban has been lifted, so you may now continue enjoying the servers !