January - March 2019

$380.00 / $360.00

Warning: If you donate without a forum or Steam account, your donation will be anonymous.

The currency used is US Dollars.

War-Lords was started back in 2005 and started moving to the Counter-Strike scene sometime after that, the community itself intended to provide free servers to the community and expected nothing back in return.

A lot has changed, for us to continue to maintain our servers and also provide the best of performance, we need help from the community. Donating to the War-Lords community will help us in many ways to expand as well as maintain our current financial burden for the servers and hosting.

$8,000/round Except first

!ak & !m4 On either sides

!ab 3 times Instead of once

.sub priority in PUGs

Vanity Ready Message in PUGs

List of Donations Page 8
User Date Amount
Asphyxia PUG Steam Forum Jun 21 2018 12:12AM $5
Ajstyle2020 PUG Steam Forum Jun 18 2018 10:14AM $5
CaliSnipe PUG Steam Forum Jun 17 2018 11:41PM $5
ksirb_o PUG Steam Forum Jun 16 2018 10:21PM $15
ququ PUG Steam Forum Jun 13 2018 12:11PM $10
Kidd PUG Steam Forum Jun 9 2018 07:53AM $5