When there are a total of 10 players on the server, a vote for deciding teams by either captains or RWS balance is started. During captains, players battle it out till only 2 players remain. The 2 remaining players are the captains.

The two captains knife fight it out and the winner of the fight gets to either pick first player pick or map + side. When the map is picked, only captains are able to join teams. The captains pick their teammates through a menu.

When all teams are full, players need to type .ready or they will be moved to spectate after a warning.

Players who leave a PUG without a substitute player will get banned! If someone replaces you, you will not be banned. PUGs are coordinated through events. SourceTV/GOTV demos are uploaded almost instantaneously.

RWS stands for Round-Win-Share measures how much a user contributes to winning a round (more info).

Command Description
.help To bring up this page.
In-game Commands
.ready Be used to signal you are ready (start of game or half-time).
.need Create a group notification on the respective group page.
.spec Move to spectate, similar to typing spectate in console.
.sub Add yourself to the sub queue, you will join a team as soon as a player leaves.
.subs View the players in the sub queue as well as their RWS.
.hp View alive players healths, only available when you are dead.
.kick name Vote to kick a player from a server.
.kickafks Kick players that are idle in-game.
.ff Vote to turn on/off friendly fire.
.rws View the RWS of both teams.
.score View the round score of both teams.
Statistics Commands
.leaderboard View the monthly standings of players competing in PUGs.
.stats View your PUG profile which contains your statistics.
.stats name View the PUG profile of the player in-game.
.stats pug View the current PUG details and player statistics.
.players View the RWS of players on the server.
+b/+buddy name Add a player as your buddy (higher chances of being on same team).
-b/-buddy name Remove a player as your buddy.
+f/+foe name Add a player as your foe(?) (lower chances of being on same team).
-f/-foe name Remove a player as your foe.
Console Commands
pug_netinfo Prints all player's rates, gamma, mouse settings, and more.
pug_balancer_mapstats Prints your RWS/FPR on every map
pug_status Prints PUG state and player team/rws information (verbose/debugging)
Tournament-only Commands
.pause Pauses game for 1 minute. Add 1 minute to existing pause. Each player can use this once per map.
.unpause Unpause of the on-going paused game.
!coinflip / !coin / !toss / !flip Flips a coin. Heads or tails.
Admin-only Console Commands
sm_startpug Forces all players to ready.
pug_swapt name Moves player to Terrorist team. (fails when teams are full)
pug_swapct name Moves player to Counter-Terrorist team. (fails when teams are full)
pug_swap name name Swaps two player's teams. Can be used to swap a spectator onto a team.
pug_fullswap Swaps all players to other team. (used to change starting sides during Tournament setup)
pug_list_set_rws Show all AccountID's with forced RWS.
pug_set_rws AccountID #.# Forces an AccountID's RWS. Used when HEAVILY intoxicated players are stacking teams. Lasts until server restart.
pug_unset_rws AccountID Removes forced RWS on an AccountID.

PUG demos for each match are uploaded almost instantly as a PUG ends. They can be downloaded by clicking the Download Demo button on a PUG stats page.

To review a PUG demo, follow these steps:

  1. Download the demo from the site
  2. Open the ZIP file and drag the demo (eg: auto-20140802-163440-de_contra.dem) to your CS directory
    • CSS: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike
    • CSS: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike
    • CSGO: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo
    • CSGO: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo
  3. Open up console (~), type in playdemo and scroll down till you find it, or instead type in the demo name

A PUG ban is a ban by the PUG plugin, it is either a votekick ban or a pug leave ban.

A kick ban happens when players participating in a pug think you are disruptive and used the .kick command. The ban lasts for 5 minutes, you may report the kick as being unjustified and action will be taken but the ban will not be unbanned.

A leave ban is when you leave a PUG and do not get subbed (type .subs to view list of subs). This ban lasts 24 hours. No admin will be able to lift this ban. Due to legitimate reasons such as power outages or Steam errors, this ban is able to be lifted by users using their PUG ban chance.

Players who get banned for leaving PUGs are able to use this feature to either unban or reduce their bans to 3 hours, it is only useable once per month.

Players eligible for an unban are those who have less than or equal to 3 bans in the month, if not they only get to reduce it. You can use this feature on the home page, your PUG profile or on your ban page.


Console bans are bans by the server, they are usually due to either votekicks on public servers or cheating bans. Votekicks are only 30 minutes long whereas cheating bans are permanent. Votekick bans need to be waited out whereas cheating bans may be appealed.

Console bans are usually accurate, only in very few circumstances it is actually a mistake. You are able to appeal your ban, but do not expect it to get accepted.

(wL) makes use of ESEAs ban list to keep existing cheaters out of our servers. These bans are reviewed on a case-by-case basis if appealed.

You may contact an admin through a number of ways. First of which is to reach them on their forum profiles, or directly in-game by typing @Your Message Here into team chat.

You can find all the admins on the team page of the forums.

(wL) runs entirely on donations, hence any sort of donation will help towards financing and allowing us to continue improve our services. Donations are currently only able to be done through PayPal. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may tick the option available on the donate page. If you wish to donate directly, please do so by sending a payment to [email protected].


Donation Perks include:

  • Pubs $8000 per round, except the first
  • Pubs !ak (sm_ak) and !m4 (sm_m4) commands, on either sides
  • Pubs !ab (sm_ab) three times instead of once
  • PUGs .sub priority over other users, default is based on queue and RWS
  • PUGs Vanity ready messages when you ready up