The following is not permitted and will result in swift punishment:

  • Ghosting, cheating, hacking, or use of 3rd party scripts will result in permanent bans.
  • Griefing (e.g., team flashing, team killing, sabotaging teammates, or cade breaking).
  • Ignoring admins or undermining their actions (e.g., refusing to comply or switching back to a stacked team).
  • Impersonating a server admin.
  • Ignoring game objectives (e.g., not trying to win or friendly zombies).
  • Exploiting the server, game, or map (e.g., causing server lag or crashes, using transparent materials, or breaking the map).
  • Inappropriate sprays (e.g., shock sprays, genitalia sprays, or porn). Mild nudity is allowed.
  • Inappropriate language or names (e.g., racism and/or excessive profanity).
  • Spamming voice or chat.
  • Advertising servers or linking to hacking websites.

The list is non-exhaustive. If you're unsure about anything ask an admin.