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Bonfire not cheating.
I know because I am not actually reporting him I should just not bother posting anything but I did watch it all and figured I would put my thoughts up.
I was all ready to find a bunch of proof because everyone in game was saying Crunk and bonfire were both cheating, and I got nothing. I watched all of the dust match and the first half of the contra match.
IF he has cheats it would be some kinda aimbot and that's much harder for me to spot. I could be wrong but I think he's on the up and up.

The dust pug
The contra pug

Dust first,
Uh I think he doesn't cheat and he is just good sometimes. Some pretty big misses here. (As someone who cannot bhop at all.)His bunny hops look like scripts, but his crosshair placement is good and he is checking spots same as I would expect of someone who knows the map. This looks like a 10 rws player. His awp is on point but nothing out of control. Looks like he warmed up was maybe a 12rws player by the end of the match. This was such a normal nothing game to watch.

So contra I guess.

Round 1-6 I mean I got nothing.

Round 7 Reasonable ace, some nice shots but pretty standard.

Round 8 Some very nice quick scopes but nothing I would call cheating especially in the context of both matches.

First half, I got nothing I think he is legit and just a good awper.

I am not gonna bother watching the second half of contra. He did get better the longer I watched but thems the way it goes sometimes.
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