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  Trying a new host for Singapore servers
Posted by: Riser Oct 18 2015, 02:37 PM - Replies (17)

Hey guys, we'll be trying out a new host for our Singaporean servers.

Remember to always use the DNS(something like pug1asia.war-lords.net) and not the IP(something like as the DNS will always be updated.

If you have the server in your favourites it should still show up, unless you're no-steam.

You can find our servers at:

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  You can now unban your own PUG bans
Posted by: Riser Oct 03 2015, 09:08 AM - Replies (28)

We have added a feature where you can now unban or reduce your PUG bans.

If you have 3 or less bans within the month you got a PUG ban, you get an unban. If not you get a reduced ban.

You only get to use it once every month.

All you need to do is go to your PUG ban and you should see a notice like this:

EDIT: Some bans might not work, it'll be updated soon and you should be able to use it then

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  CS:S wL Pub pop.war-lords.net:27015
Posted by: Jenni Sep 19 2015, 04:50 AM - Replies (39)

Hello Peoples!  I'm going to try to bring back the wL pub once again, and is asking for you fine ladies and gents to come help me  bring traffic to the server.  I know it won't happen over night, but if we can start getting something going and have a few people afk in the server if needed would be nice.  (RISER you're great at doing that)  So come play and invite your friend to come play too!  Maybe Bison will show his nudes this time around Big Grin

pop.war-lords.net:27015 - wL PUB IP

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  [Updated] Public and PUG servers are up now
Posted by: Riser Sep 13 2015, 11:05 AM - Replies (38)

The servers are broken till further notice.

edit: Servers are up and working now
edit2: Looks like the pubs are down now..
edit3: Dust2 DM should be fixed, PUG servers should be fixed

They're all up!


I wasn't aware this bug affected our CS: GO servers, I've fixed it for now.

You should be able to respawn in warmup perfectly fine now.

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  Eye Angles bans on CS: GO are a false-positive
Posted by: Riser Jul 31 2015, 03:53 PM - Replies (2)

You will be unbanned, I'll try to get it fixed soon.

Unbanned all that were banned today, should be safe to join servers now.

All fixed.

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  Forum/PUG servers will be under maintenance
Posted by: Riser Jul 23 2015, 08:03 PM - No Replies

In a few hours, we plan on moving web servers.. so forum, donator perks, admin, stats, pug servers, etc will mostly be down. The Pubs should still be up.

the web server was successfully moved.

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  Servers are up: What perks should we add for MG, DM and Snipers?
Posted by: Riser Jun 28 2015, 12:42 AM - Replies (8)

The servers went down for a bit earlier, they're up now.

We're also looking for some suggestions for donor perks on these servers. I was thinking maybe coloured names and additional money in certain maps for MG..

Go ahead and suggest stuff!

For more info about donations:

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  CS: S Aim Deathmatch is now up
Posted by: Riser Jun 18 2015, 08:24 PM - Replies (4)

connect aimdm.war-lords.net:27015

Suggestion by reccks.

Map currently is on 10 min rotation with this map list


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  Donors now get sub priority & $10k ingame on pubs
Posted by: Riser Jun 15 2015, 07:28 PM - Replies (20)

Bison and I have decided to add some perks for donors, where if a player donates a minimum of $5 they get $10,000 in-game every round in pubs. In addition, we added two new pub cmds which are !m4 on ct and !ak on t. There are a couple of other features.

So right now, if you donate you get all of the following:

  • $10,000 on pub servers
  • !m4/!ak easy access which gives you ak/m4, deag, nades, armor and a kit
  • use !ab more than once
  • a donor badge on your pug profile
  • reserved slots
  • pug !sub priority (best of both worlds - reverts to fifo when !sub balancing is not beneficial to you)

Stuff that will eventually be added:
  • donor badge on forum profiles
  • shortened pug leave bans

We are open to ideas and suggestions for donors. Any donation towards wL will go towards financing the servers.

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  ASIA/SEA CSS Tournament 2015
Posted by: Black Blood May 27 2015, 09:50 PM - Replies (21)

War-lords will be hosting a Mini Tournament in July 2015. The Tournament will be hosted on the two Asian CSS Pug Servers. We would like to have roughly about 12 teams to play in it. Registering for a slot will come from a first come first serve basis. This is all just fun and games just to get to know more players and also get to play in some competitive matches. This tournament is free to enter. All that is required of you is for your team to turn up to matches in the allocated time period that Bison/John or Black Blood will give you. 

Group Stage:

During the Group Stage, teams will be split into their groups according to the average RWS of the 5 starting members. Teams will play a best of 1. Normal Tournament rules are in place. Maps and sides will be chosen through captain rounds.

Knockout Stage:

Knockout Stage will be a Best out of 3 Games. Maps will be chosen through Veto. Teams will arrange a time to play. Normal Tournament rules are in place. Finals Will be Playing a Best of 5 with each team vetoing 1 map.


Maps Pool: Dust2, Inferno, Nuke, Season, Cache, Cpl Mil, Cpl Strike


1. Teams will have to consist of at least 5 members . There can be up to 3 subs on a team.
2. Teams will have to play the match against their opposition on the given date range (This will be issue by John/ Black Blood /Bison ) Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the Game.
3. A player can be register to a max to 1 lineup. 
4. You can edit your Line-ups until the registration period is over.
5. There will  be no spectators in the server. Only way to watch the match is through SourceTV. This will prevent ghosting from spectators. (There will be an admin online to set the server up.)
6. There will be a ping limit of 150.
7. The Standard War-lords Rule will also be applied.

Any question, feel free to ask John/ Black Blood or post below.

Registering a Team :

Please Provide a Team Name along with a Team Leader. The Team Leaders Job is to make sure that the team turns up to the match and also to inform the organizers the result of the game. Please Provide up to 5 members + 3 subs (If Required) linking their Pug Profile ( E.g http://servers.war-lords.net/pugs/players/56802090)

Register here :  https://war-lords.net/showthread.php?tid...#pid117812

Tournament Schedule:

Teams will be split up in this Format:  (Teams will be ranked based on their overall RWS of Starting Members).

Group A: 1,5,9
Group B: 2,6,10
Group C: 3,7,11
Group D: 4,8,12

Group Stage Bracket:

Group A – Match #1 – Seed 1 vs Seed 2
Group A – Match #2 – Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group A – Match #3 – Seed 2 vs Seed 3

Group B – Match #1 – Seed 1 vs Seed 2
Group B – Match #2 – Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group B – Match #3 – Seed 2 vs Seed 3

Group C – Match #1 – Seed 1 vs Seed 2
Group C – Match #2 – Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group C – Match #3 – Seed 2 vs Seed 3

Group D – Match #1 – Seed 1 vs Seed 2
Group D – Match #2 – Seed 1 vs Seed 3
Group D – Match #3 – Seed 2 vs Seed 3

Top 2 team of each group will go through. If there is a tie between teams in the group. It will be based on the amount of rounds won in the group stage.

Knockout Stage Bracket:

Quarterfinals – Match #1  (Group A Winners vs Group B Runner-Ups)
Quarterfinals – Match #2  (Group C Winners vs Group D Runner-Ups)
Quarterfinals – Match #3  (Group B Winners vs Group A Runner-Ups)
Quarterfinals – Match #4  (Group D Winners vs Group C Runner-Ups)
Semi-finals – Match #1 (Winner of Match #1 vs Winner of Match #2)
Semi-finals – Match #2 (Winner of Match #3 vs Winner of Match #4)
Consolation Finals – Match
Grand-finals – Match

*Schedule might change due to the Number of teams that enters.

Tournament Bracket: http://challonge.com/WarlordsTourny
*Groups will be arrange on 22nd June

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