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New FFA DM Asia Server
Added a new DM FFA server where teammates are enemies cause I was getting annoyed by the spawn campers and a few people suggested it. It's 20 slots only though.

IP: dustffaasia.war-lords.net:27028
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Played a similar server on csgo, much more intense then normal deathmatch, good idea ! Even more when you consider teamkill is off on the pug servers!

GJ .
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how about a buddy system for this server, where you can buddy up with 1 other person and then you guys can be teamers
As your leader i will not force you to give up relationships and play cs instead, that's on you. if i gotta push you to play the game u want to make a living out of, then this shit aint for you.
(Jun 02 2017, 06:03 PM)Jesse_Watters Wrote: how about a buddy system for this server, where you can buddy up with 1 other person and then you guys can be teamers

doesn't make sense
Teammates still appear on Minimap/Radar which makes it easier for kills. Not sure if it applies to real players though, as I'm the only one playing on the server with bots.
Other than that, a very much needed server. (Y)
Weill disalbe it later
1. 10 bots on server 2. no medpacks 3. replenish ammo when getting a headshot 4. no grenades. and remove machine gun and p90 from the server if possible
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Dooby Dooby DAB DAB <o/
I have a few suggestions:

1. Add 10 bots on the server instead of 6 since it seems to be lackluster in terms of killing people 
2. Remove Medpacks since it's really counter-intuitive when the whole purpose of the server is to practice aiming and when a person has 150 health you HAVE to hit him/her twice with an awp.
3. Replenish ammo when getting a kill. Reloading's a pain in the ass tbh.
4. No Grenades. Just, no. Please.

Also I can hear the "respawn" sound effect Near Tspawn and CTSpawn Areas.
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smac give it to me
The new Dust 2 FFA server is great but it would be very nice if p90 and machine gun is removed as everyone on server spams it through doors and there's no chance anyone can survive that and practice their ak, awping etc skills which people really want to. Thank you
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Wow Riser. You finally listen to my suggestion!!
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