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NA Tournament Teams
I'll play if needed .
Free agent
Wave your hands in the air if you want to be a sub for our team
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Doesn't look like there is going to be much competition yet...

Maybe you guys need to make another super team (Cavs vs. Warriors fnatic). 

I could play, depending on the time (last 2 weeks have been free, playing late at night on no food in a hot room).
if anyone needs me, here i am
Just to inform people who are wondering why my team didnt register yet .... it is unlikely that we will participate this time around.

Bison is MIA, same goes with loopz and JayRR.

And the rest (me, 250, Muffin, Stolen) are converted to pubg.

I know that some 1 timer’s from the drafts or only 1 main tournament are still playing source (sosa, snipey, brad, thrown, sorry for the others i forgot). But i dont want to play at all without a clear majority of the og’s.

250 seemed interested to mount something with some of his pals, but it will be on a different banner (very small chance that i participate).

Have a good time on wl people and gl for the tourney.
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Probably too late, but I'm a free agent. Especially after what happened last time (Gabe).
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well dont play this game much but you know what ill put in some hours

If I need to revive this server myself..Ill do it...Free Agent incoming

(Oct 25 2017, 11:36 PM)Mr. Pedrobear Wrote: Probably too late, but I'm a free agent. Especially after what happened last time (Gabe).
Remove me from the free agents, Im not playing with anyone. Literally waste of my time.

I want no part of this shittyness. Thank you!

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