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Denied  Banned for "Aimbot"
(Dec 29 2017, 04:22 PM)vivixxcore Wrote: More authority you say do you not know that Bison is the owner of the servers and watched you cheating and said to me ya your right vivix this kid is 100% cheating go ahead with the ban . There is nothing to review just admit what you have done and maybe bison will work with you on letting you get a new account so you can still play here.

I don't see why you want to be so argumentative, at this point I'm just waiting patiently like the other admin told me to do.
(Dec 27 2017, 05:24 AM)BagelLL Wrote: While I was playing on one of your pug servers, I found myself in a 5v1. I managed to kill 4 guys, and on the last guy I died. I'm not sure if that scenario caused it or the following one. After that round I bunnyhopped into mid where do a 45° flick quite fast and steady out almost immediately. I believe that was the reason for the ban. The only video I have of is the second scenario I stated which I captured with shadowplay after I got banned, it shall be included in this post. (edit) I tried to attach the file but it seems I cannot. I can post the gyazo link at the request of it.

The decision to ban you was handed out by bison. I haven't seen a ban like this overturned so I really wouldn't hold your breath.
If you want to keep playing on our servers you will have to purchase a new copy of CSS and provide us with your new steamID before entering into our servers.
Since you don't have a history of bans with us, We do have a secondary option of donating directly to our servers to help us out in the amount of $15 (the cost of purchasing a new CSS). Either way, feel free to PM myself of Bison if you choose either route.
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