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Denied  my ban appeal
if auto bhop is against the rules, then the rules should be enforced. that's not really supposed to be an 'if then' by the way

if the rules aren't being enforced when it comes to auto bhop, then i might find a script to download.
As your leader i will not force you to give up relationships and play cs instead, that's on you. if i gotta push you to play the game u want to make a living out of, then this shit aint for you.
So if the ban appeal has nothing to do with you and or you have nothing to contribute to this post continue on there shouldn’t be this many posts even the slightest on this appeal in other words if you’re not the admin “bison” that banned the player or the player in such appealing the ban, you shouldn’t be on this post. So from here out on this appeal if you have nothing to contribute to it do not post it’s sinple. I will leave the thread unlocked until bison decides if it’s going to be a 1 month or a permanent ban. Thank you everyone for your cooperation.

-edit- the appeal has been denied.

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