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Suggestion  Wingman/2v2?
Can we make 2v2 a thing? It's so bullshit always having to wait for 10 people during nighttime on the european server just to lose to some mystery god.
If we could get something like wingman, you atleast wouldn't have to wait so long. Infact, you could play it with 3 friends to get it started faster.

It could also attract new people, csgo players could appreciate a 2v2 mode
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It would need to be done on a diff server, specifically configurated for that, because making these on pugs servers would be confusing as hell, and you would need to have enough people asking for it, for bison to even bother with this.

Here is what you can do to have games faster.

#1 invite europeans that aren't used to pugs, cause euro pug have the smallest population of css players in all continents.
#2 invite East-American players, because for them its only 100 ping, to play in europe which is very doable.
#3 play in american servers instead.
#4 play in asian servers instead.


An other very simple solution would be for you to be friend with an admin, make bison start a european private server (if there is), get who ever you want to make 2 vs 2 with. Warm on a pug server, then only swap to the private server once you guys wanna start the match.

Scoreboard will be at 0-0 and if you are friend with an admin, you can even chose multiple maps to do said match.

But then again, the stats wont be saved cause it will be considered as a pregame, same for match results, except if you guys start a forum thread and copy paste each time on it with a screenshot.

And after that you enter the joyful land of making stats manually on forum threads like i did .... gl with that  Rolleyes
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   Jesse W.
im down for this in america as well, or maybe a 3v3 kind of thing for early / noon players and very very late night players. would donate / buy bison a signed copy of will to live
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