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Approved  I messed up
About 2 or 3 months ago I was falsely banned for a bhop script, I was unbanned after a couple of days. So I tried to finally play again in the wL servers, but was still met with a message saying I am banned. I was so eager to play in the pub again, so I made an alt account and unsurprisingly, I still wasn't allowed to play in the servers because an alt account doesn't bypass the ban on the main account. I logged out of the alt account and tried for a couple more days to see if the unban was finally in effect, it finally was and I played on the servers again. Naturally, I forgot about the alt account and never used it again. I technically never used the account on the servers because I wasn't allowed to play in the first place.

I took a break from playing for about four days. Then I finally got the itch to play again so I click on the server and I'm greeted with this jolly message that cured my crippling depression    

Now I'm not gonna go Leeroy Jenkins saying "It's not my fault." Because truly, yeah, it was my fault for not reading the guidelines and  creating an alt account (I'm stupid). But I wouldn't have made that alt account if it wasn't for the false ban and unban that had a 3-day delay to go along with it. I was new at the time and I already got a false positive, I simply got tilted. And I repeat, I've never used that account in the servers. I only remembered about it when I got the ban message. I still luckily have the account's info noted though (because I easily forget), so if you need me to delete it, I gladly will.
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