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RWS boosting or early round leaving
So as far as i know there have been few situations where this has occurred and punishments have been handed out accordingly. 

If you are going to join at the start of the pug, please stay for at least half of it. If you know you are leaving within the first half do not let the teams auto balance because you will most likely put a team at a disadvantage or even an advantage when you leave.

3 people left this pug within 3 rounds of it starting, all of them high rws players needed to keep a team balanced. when the pug stated it was 60 rws to 60 rws, after they all left my team had 45 rws while the other had 55 rws. 

2 of them had extremely high rws from this pug when they left and the other had none.

I don't assume you are rws boosting but even if you are not, early pug leaving fucks everyone involved. I honestly believe this action should be reportable and a non perma offense. 1st infraction is 6 hour ban and then multiplies exponentially until a month banned. So 3 times caught doing this will result in a day ban, 6 times a week ban, 8 times a month.

Just my 2 cents
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So what if they rws boost. they are still not good
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Bison and I are already working on multiple stats that might be added to the PUG profile, the goal of these stats would be to defeat the purpose for such tactics being used for a statswhore.

2 of these were already used in the all time leaderboards :

#1 KPG (Kills per game) : its the average kills a player does per game, it is relevant to RQ scenarios because if someone has high RWS and ADR, well, you simply have to compare their KPG to other high stats players to see within seconds if someone is a systematic leaver.

Example :

Ben- RWS 17.95 ADR 122.0 FPR 1.164
KPG 28.5494 Griz RWS 17.38 ADR 119.2 FPR 1.202 KPG 23.4282

At first sight, if only using RWS/ADR/FPR we are extremely similar in stats, he even has better FPR ... but if using KPG you can easily see there is a huge gap in kills per game, meaning he leaves A LOT more then me, probably skipping all his weak games. A 5 kill gap seems small using KPG, but if taking overall kills for both of us (we played a similar amount of game) it translates roughly to a 20 000 kills gap.

#2 RPA (rounds played average) : an evolution of KPG, RPA is simply the exact same thing but without the amount of kills shadowing what said stats is supposed to represent, eliminating the need to compare to a similar level player, but instead you need to compare it to the Overall Round played average (which is around 24-25 rounds).

Example :

Ben- RWS 17.95 ADR 122.0 FPR 1.164 RPA 24.6129  Griz RWS 17.38 ADR 119.2 FPR 1.202 RPA 19.4912

If you take into account that the default amount of rounds played per game is about 24-25 rounds ... it means that i was almost never leaving a pug ... and on the other hand Griz plays around 5-6 less rounds per game on average. If we assume he leaves only because of RQ's and bad teams/game : 5 (rpa gap) x 2684 (gp) = 13 420 rounds he skipped overall by leaving.


Concept Limbo :

Bison is currently working on a "better" version of these, that would consider people leaving after subbing because som1 crashed ... or people that crashed without being able to re-join. Can't really give more details since he wasnt online lately to advance whatever he was working on (with me).

I also pmed him about JWA (Joined Without Leaving %), it would be a straight forward stats, not considering the amount of rounds played (so people who subs late wont be punished for it), and it would only consider if said player isnt leaving or not.

RQ or not, systematic leaving is a problem, mainly caused by the fact that we aren't using true RWS on (wL).


When it comes to actual bans for this, we already talked about it on a very old thread , for now it wouldnt be doable ... but once we have decent stats to monitor such things ... maybe bison will consider it.
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Turn them off Milky Ray
(Sep 03 2018, 01:25 AM)sift Wrote: Turn them off Milky Ray

honestly turning them on might not even help lmfao
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The only issue is that real life things do happen. I was just in a game, and our top frag just had to leave because his mommy was calling him for dinner, and she doesn't understand you can't pause online games. Same game/team, I had my game crash (thanks new steam.) Sometimes people get really bad lag and have to leave, etc. etc. Those are the sort of things that are hard to take into account with this sort of situation, but more often than not, people leave for non-life related reasons, and something should be done.

I will also say this, it is not as bad as it used to be, but is something that still needs to be addressed. There should be no benefit to leaving a game and hanging your team out to dry regardless of skill level or stats. That was the point of this thread, , by this brilliant human being with great meme usage as stated by Benoit


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