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jayayo1 griefing, throwing

jayayo1 was purposely losing rounds. Firstly, he kept calling that opposing team members had very low HP to set us up to die. Second, there was a specific round T side where jayayo grabbed bomb in B main, looked up, and walked into bombsite B with 4-5 CTs left. There were likely more times he did something similar that I missed as well.

Also, I understand we have an ignore feature, but even still, his lack of comms, desire to troll during 1v1s, and his excessive loud music are enough to add to his offenses.

I think all of this constitutes a ban, and frankly, I don’t think jayayo1 will give a shit.

EDIT: Check out round 16. Clearly griefing/trolling and not giving a fuck. Somewhere around 140000 tick. Just sitting in B side T spawn holding bomb making no attempt to plant, kill, etc. His name is different now, but he is the lowest-ranked player on the scoreboard on my team.

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