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Griefing 72hr Ban

No bans were found for STEAM_0:1:14491 (search).

Not much of an appeal - more of a backstory. Admin closed the previous thread, so I couldn't get what needed to be said off of my chest.

That clown "nMe" got team flashed, because I successfully got friendly fire voted on during a match once, so he gets mad and blatantly & instantly TK'd me in spawn the round after it is turned on and then LEAVES - MID MATCH.

So yes, I did team flash him last night out of spite from previous griefing on his part (TKing me and leaving our match). Can't believe this grown man came in here to tattle on me. If I knew this was a tactic of members, I could've posted his damn TK video.

UPDATE: Returned the favor and reported him for griefing.

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