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Any idea on how to fix the pre-2017 voices in demos ?
I am in the process of making a frag compilation from my demo's left in my cs folder (before deleting em to make room). But the voices are all fucked up in em (since 2017 because they did an update that fucked it up apparently), and the reactions of people you frag or play with are most of the time interesting for these kind of videos, so ideally id want to have em in the compilation.

Any ideas on how to fix this ? Thx in advance.
nvm the god bison intervened here's how to fix it for anyone else wondering it :

Brawl Bashin’ Bison:
sv_voicecodec steam
sv_use_steam_voice 1
sv_voicecodec voice_speex
sv_use_steam_voice 0

Banned for video game addiction:
k i can hear voices in the 2017 demo's
ill try for the 2016 demos, i remember it was an issue back then

Brawl Bashin’ Bison:
or (new ones)
sv_voicecodec voice_celt
sv_use_steam_voice 0
first is middle ones, second is old ones, last is new ones
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