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Denied  unban carb
listen i know we all have had issues with eachother at sometime throught the years, but a perma ban on carb was not okay... maybe like a 24 hour or like 2 day maybe 3 to calm him down... i get it he can be toxic sometimes but people need to realize hes only trolling you and its for fun. theres been some bad bans in the past and i can assure u this is one of them. deep down hes a good guy. just dont like to show it. hope yall have a good day and thanks for reading.
I don't even know what happend, but if GiB perm bans someone obviously he did something reckless.
lets be honest here.... everyone has problem with eachother every now n then... but i think gib banned carb out of hatred and its was not fair.. just shows he can ban who ever he wants. should be a community agreement to ban someone if u ask me...
Threatening the server that hes going to ban evade and cheat here on multiple accounts isn't something you should say after or before you get banned.
He knows better, I'll let gib respond to you, I wasn't there
Ban reason : Griefing (blocking)
Clip :
I warned him when he intentionally broke the barrel I was hiding behind because he wanted to have the bomb, and I didnt give it to him because I have him on ignore (since his last month ban because of his toxicity). After being warned he then start to block me while we rush banana into A site. For this reason, I gave him a 3 days ban which got extended (not by me) to permanent.
so i'm denying this, he can come back to the forums in 6months when he gets his attitude corrected and apply for a ban appeal himself. as of his actions the ban is not being lifted as of this point in time, but thank you for your interested in getting a players ban lifted i'm sure he appreciates you trying.

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