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Appeal on Ban for AWP Slayer
Was playing normal on PUG Server and after which 1 player complained on me about trolling and i was banned immediately.

I was just minding my own business and 1 person who is unhappy with me can lead to a ban?

Can admin see if the ban can be rescinded?

THank you.!!

P/S was not able to link my steam account as it showed an error page.
The ban in question-

STEAM_0:1:22121534 AWP Slayer

7d ban by Crusader May 17 2020 10:08AM

Expires May 24 2020 10:08AM (1 d, 15 hr, 51 min)
As your leader i will not force you to give up relationships and play cs instead, that's on you. if i gotta push you to play the game u want to make a living out of, then this shit aint for you.

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