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(wL) N.A Competitive Event
Everyone interested would join the discord (on channel CS:S #1), the event starts at 20:00 etz / 19:00 ctz/ 18:00 mtz / 17:00 ptz (ideally arrive a good 5 or 10 minutes before that).

Teams would be selected within the first 10 minutes by a draft of the players present (Number of team or the number of players per team will depend on the amount of players obviously). Captains will be the highest rws players.

If there is not enough players we could make a bo5 with the players present or in other words competitive pugs . And if by some miracle we have way too many players, we could simply double the format or introduce a group stage (but the second option would be very time consuming).

The goal is to have everything done within 4 hours.

I'll be online from about 18:00 etz, if anyone got questions and to spam the pug servers/steam/forum to remind everyone it is happening today.

Links for the private servers :

connect;password match123
connect;password match123
connect;password match123

Tournament format :

Double elimination with upper and lower bracket.

Upper Bracket

Match 1 - Seed 1 vs Seed 4 (Loser goes to lower bracket)
Match 2 - Seed 2 vs Seed 3 (Loser goes to lower bracket)

Match 3 - Seed 1 vs Seed 2 (Winner vs Winner, Loser goes to lower bracket)

Lower Bracket

Match 1 - Seed 3 vs Seed 4 (Loser eliminated)

Match 2 - Seed 3 vs Seed 2 (Loser eliminated, Winner goes to finals)


Best of 3 - Seed 1 vs Seed 2 (Winner of upper bracket vs winner of lower bracket)


Maps Pool: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke, de_season,de_cache, _de_tuscan, de_cpl_strike, de_train, de_contra and de_russka


You must behave professionally during the tournament since it's meant to be serious. No whining about registry, p90, teammates, strategy, cheating, etc or starting flame wars/arguments during matches. No forfeiting or ragequitting matches either. Even if it's 15-0, you're expected to finish every match.

Each player on a team can pause the match once for 60 seconds. Pauses can be extended by having a teammate or opponent use their pause. Do not use !pause unless you need to use it (strategy, emergency bathroom, internet drop, etc). In general, it's better to take bathroom breaks during half time than using !pause. Pauses take place during freezetime or the next round's freezetime.

Typical league rules are also in effect. This means certain gameplay isn't permitted, such as:

certain spots (de_train, de_tuscan, etc). The boosts on de_inferno are fine.
crouch spamming (standing and ducking repeatedly and rapidly on bomb or gun fights).
illegal defuses (you must have clear line of sight. obviously excluding barrels/teammates/flashes/smokes)
Standard War-Lords rules apply for areas not covered here.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in bans from future War-Lords events in addition to an in-game ban.

Thanks to :

Crusader (for organizing Asia tournaments)
Bison (for wL)
Bill (for sharing your ideas
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Reported at 10:00 Etz, not enough players were online at 8:00, we'll see if there will be enough, if not the event will be postponed at an undefinited date (there will be votes to know when would be the best time for the majority of players interested).
I think for this to work you'd need to have a date in mind at least 2 weeks in advance. That way the tournament can be promoted in the server and people can find out about it ingame via word of mouth.
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You would probably need to plan ahead at least two weeks for this to function. This will allow the tournament to be advertised on the server and for players to learn about it through in-game gossip.

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