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Ah what the hell, let us Flame the Loopz while we're at it now.
"berGloopz ( -1 ) - Last updated Yesterday, 05:42 PM

Negative (-1): What happen about losing your admin when you abused that day and changed the map ? fucking loser."

That was a great reason for the negative reputation. Because if I recall, you threatened to ban me the next time I accuse you of anything. For the scenario it was because you complain about a lot of things, you bitch about a lot of things, you do things because you feel like you can freely Admin abuse your powers.

So upon the moment of me getting captain and choosing Nuke like I always do which every single person here in wL knows that that is my map, we got onto the server and the server went back to warm up - for an unknown reason - So I then proceeded to change it back to nuke to choose teams, but that messed it up and the server reacted as if there was no captains at this point so we ended back on warm up anyway. -Note: 3 people did Not spec out, and the server was full. I called you out for it on changing it - kobe was also there but kobe doesn't abuse his admin. So you threaten to ban me the next time I make an accusation. Following that I believe we ended up on Dust 2 and you stated "well I'm talking to bison now, and whoever changed it will get their Admin removed." - another threat that never followed suit.

So now we're way past this stage, and you're mature enough to -rep me (which I don't really care, I'm not here to please people I'm here to have fun for myself as well as enforce the rules, without abusing my Admin powers, unlike some people. Well and of course to make some new and old friends.)

In all reality, you have a very extremely immature ego, that thinks you can do whatever you want, when you want to. You can sit here and call me a "fucking loser" all day if you'd like, I mean if that's something that helps you sleep at night or whatever the case is. I don't know if you just never got enough attention to yourself as a child or people just abandoned you for the way you acted. But welcome to the real world, people need to grow up at some point or another or they won't succeed in life. But anyway, you do you man, continue with your ways, and continue the bad rep rampage that you go forth each and every day in life. You sir, have a great day, and maybe when you're a little bit more grown up, more people could have some fun on the servers, that I know of you're one of the problems there to this day. People can't keep your name out of their mouth lately, you're like that one person "cah me ousside." I'll cya around homie.

Edit: Oh, one last thing, Bison did look into it and he couldn't ever figure out who changed the map or what even happened from it going from nuke, back to warm up, so please feel free to get over yourself, thank you for your inconvenience.

               -Yours Truly: -CaliSnipe-
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Positive (+1): best friend everrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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Positive (+1): do u want some? i will give it to ya xp

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