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Official Draft Tournament Rules
(Apr 07 2017, 05:00 PM)M. Bison Wrote: Etiquette
You must behave professionally during the tournament since it's meant to be serious. No whining about registry, p90, teammates, strategy, cheating, etc or starting flame wars/arguments during matches. No forfeiting or ragequitting matches either. Even if it's 15-0, you're expected to finish every match.

Your team captain is considered your IGL (ingame leader) unless they delegate this responsibility to someone else. You MUST follow their strategies and play spots/sites they tell you even if you disagree. Team captains should repeat their strategies a few times or ask whether anyone is unclear of where they are playing/doing during freezetime until their teammates acknowledge they understand what they are expected to do that round.

Each player on a team can pause the match once for 60 seconds. Pauses can be extended by having a teammate or opponent use their pause. Do not use !pause unless you need to use it (strategy, emergency bathroom, internet drop, etc). In general, it's better to take bathroom breaks during half time than using !pause. Pauses take place during freezetime or the next round's freezetime.

Typical league rules are also in effect. This means certain gameplay isn't permitted, such as:
  • certain spots (de_train, de_tuscan, etc). The boosts on de_inferno are fine.
  • crouch spamming (standing and ducking repeatedly and rapidly on bomb or gun fights).
  • illegal defuses (you must have clear line of sight. obviously excluding barrels/teammates/flashes/smokes)
Standard War-Lords rules apply for areas not covered here.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in bans from future War-Lords events in addition to an in-game ban.

Very very weak rules which led my team to being disqualified in this tournament!

After the Match I had with Ben's team ended with us winning (16-8), in a map of their choosing! Our cpt received this message: 
"  your team is disqualified and booted off the tournament. Kampire's ban has been removed, but he will not be able to participate in any other tournaments."

WHY? well, cause we had a sub, and this particuler sub had to be within a 1rws of the person he were subbinmg. My question, WHERE IS THIS RULE IN THIS POST?

Despite that, a player on ben's team was crouch spamming (standing and ducking repeatedly) and that did not "disqualify" them!
Management is weak and honesly ben's team is the best when it comes to complaining.
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[Image: vision2030-saudi-arabia-Logo-PNG-icon.png]
I think your team left you out of the loop.

We discussed replacements for your missing 5th for 30+ minutes before the match. Your captain was instructed that any replacement must be within +/- 1 RWS of the player based on 200 pugs. Kampire was proposed and explicitly rejected for not meeting this criteria. We found several players who met this criteria and were willing to play, but your team refused to play with them.

After some time, your team finally proposes a player who meets the +/- 1 RWS criteria and we approved him subbing your team. However, instead of this player, you guys had Kampire impersonate him for the match.

To summarize: A). the opposing team had all 5 of their original players. B). your team came on extremely late. C). your team refused to play with suitable subs for the missing player. D). your team deceptively subbed in a high RWS player, who would have been captain had he registered for the tournament.
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Steam Wrote: 4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: was out
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: bison, dude
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: ???
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: you're very rude towards alina
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: how about unbanning her friend?
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: I mean
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: it's only gamebanana skins
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: LOL
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: ^^
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: LOLOL
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: lol
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