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Banned  Gabe Cheating
Player: Gabe

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:1697541

I can finally see why you get so mad at me gabe and think I cheat. You are even more of a shitty than me with cheats when I'm legit. Cccccccccccya
You can also watched the demo, he starts cheating hardcore at 30 minutes into it. Preaims every spot where the enemy is on A site.
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[Image: tDGgzaS.jpg]
it says the video is private. i can't view it's content
(Jul 18 2017, 11:46 PM)_nme Wrote: it says the video is private. i can't view it's content

my bad, should work now!
[Image: tDGgzaS.jpg]
that's either a crazy ass coincidence, or his depth perception is all bad.

he thought the player was in tspawn brickroom, but it appears he's playing bottom of t ramp.
after watching it a couple of can definitely tell the way he "clears" upper a and above ramp. peeks it way too generically, and when he looked above he knew that there was obstruction between him and the guy sitting mid.

the end is just the icing on the cake.

wtf gabe
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Damn I'm honestly just sad. That sucks
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It really sucks for any team that might have had a win to change the tourny around. I dont think its there team in the final without his cheats.
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he gone

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