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Unbanned  Ban appeal
Hello WarLords, i've once been banned on one of your servers before. That time i was indeed cheating, it was a time between 2k16 July - 2k17 Jan 30 when this account was banned because i shared it with the banned one. I tried playing on one of the pug servers by sharing CSS from the banned account with this one. I didn't cheat but i still got banned because it was shared with an old banned account, it was not VACCED or Game banned but simply banned by the server. 

TLDR: I've played on your server and got banned for BHOP scripting, when that happened i decided to share it with another account which got auto banned when i wasn't cheating.

Edit: I also found out that if you look at my original banned account which is below, the same date the other account was banned aswell. I've just bought CSS on this account today, this account was made 2k17 Jan 11th and css was bought 2k18 Jan 13th, Which makes no sense to how i was banned in 2k17 Jan 30th.


Please wait for a root admin to handle this situation, thank you for your patience.
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STEAM_0:0:199067528 Has been unbanned. All other accounts associated with this ban will remain banned. Enjoy playing on our servers(:

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