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Banned  amplifieR-iwnl-....cya on the forums kid
handle: amplifieR-iwnl-


Pretty blatant here. Demo speaks for itself. His angles and peaks are too perfect every rd. I call wallies!.. maybe his buddy was cheating too but i dont have time to analyze both. 

I didnt even watch the whole demo long enough before I had  to report him. 

Check out on time playback
3:19 LOL headshot through wall OOOPs
3:40 doesnt check site, goes straight to hiding CT
7:20 the angle carried doesnt make sense. I understand pre aiming but he didnt even pre aim the headshot on this angle. You could tell he wasn't paying attention to his xhair as much as the guy through the wall
7:40 superb game sense mayne!
29:00 = perma ban!! aims through the mountain and forgets he has no walls

theres more..
Thx fat, was gonna post this
Also in the pregame warmup of the next pug, amplifier admitted that his buddy ( trensomnia ) had cheated during the match, although obviously he could have been joking, etc, etc, so take this with a grain of salt, but he's probably worth reviewing too.
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   Jesse W.

Thank you for the report.
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(Mar 11 2018, 11:54 PM)Drago Wrote: ~BANNED~

Thank you for the report.

love you..

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