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(wL) Community Frag Movie Project
@ 8:07 ayeeeeeeee
(Jun 21 2018, 08:38 PM)Ben- Wrote: Here guys :

The .sub bubbles that kept spamming really killed my motivation to actually make a nice synch/editing with the songs but oh well.

The important is that you can clearly see the frags, with the less possible editing interfering, with a nice variety of (wL) well known players.

Have a good day everyone !

If there is any issue with the video just pm me on steam or here so i can try fixing it.

ooofff I love starting out the video with a BANG!
Good fucking shit my dude.

for the fan girls:


This is an epic gamers moment. Can we hit 50 likes?
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Look how strong you started the video, don't get lazy, we have actual good frags, find them Ben, you can do this, we've been here too long

bump .
Swamp @ 2:23 LMAOOO! I miss that guy

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