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Denied  Unban
I was banned 3 years ago for leaving a bhop script injected while playing on the server. Recently this account got banned after people realizing I was still banned which I honestly had no clue was true, I used to try to connect occasionally and it would always block me from joining. One day it actually let me connect and did ever since up until this account was linked with the ban. I wasn't purposely "avoiding" because It's basically impossible to do here, family share, vpn, etc..

This was the ban from 2015. // As you can see theres multiple accounts linked to it which are all mine and only one except for this one has ever played on the server and that's the account that got the actual ban I'm guessing. 

To sum everything up I never thought making a forum account would lead to me being banned over a 3 year ban I thought was removed, I don't bhop script anymore which is obvious and I don't know what else to ask for or say.
freemyboi titanium he will reform!
Bump for da saltiness
Denied as stated in the title.

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