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Are we dead yet?
We tried quite a few times to implement more competitive elements, like the 10 rws restricted servers, scrim services (having access to scrim servers at any time meaning players could invite whole squads or only players they considered good enough to participate), classic tournaments (without any rws limitations) and drafts.

Me and bison worked also on different stats (some already implemented, others in the waiting or being tested), leaderboards, corrected a few things (balance, gun hsp in gun stats, having a more precise fpr shown), etc.

We also are/were thinking about what failed or not, in our first tries and we came up with an other concept that might work better with wl puggers clientele. I’ll make a more detailed thread once ive got my pc plugged back in my new bureau and have confirmations of the details with bison.

For now have a nice time playing source.
(Mar 13 2019, 07:21 AM)taraN Wrote:
(Mar 08 2019, 05:13 PM)rookoo Wrote: server is fucking filled with absolute random bots. admins can't do shit without bison holding their hand anyways

What? Where are you getting this info from..? There is usually always an admin online to deal with situations.
Your always free to report anything on our forums too if you want something dealt with.

Just message us homie stop tripping

There is usually this one admin that is typically almost ON, but the thing about that admin is that, There is a lot of trolls/griefers, in our matches that we would face, I would tell him about the situation and action theses type of people is doing he wouldn't listen. SPECIALLY when things is coming out of my mouth, he tends to take it as ME LASHING OUT/RAGING/LIEING/ and so forth. Never takes me seriously, never wants to listen to me, yes we BOTH hate each other, well from his perspective actions I think he do hates me, I genuinely hate him 100% BUT this doesn't mean I would do anything or say anything to try to get on his bad side or make up stories like whats the point. This person would literally act oblivious to the situation and just pretends he didn't see jack shit, knowing that its literally happening right in front of his face at times. Yes I should just download demo, watch at the ticks of when things happen and report that person. THE THING about that is that its time VERY TIME CONSUMING. I rarely rage, except for the fact that teammates is playing in complete utter trash when there are on my team but when they are enemies they are a god.

Pretty sure everyone know who I'm talking about/ "NICEST GUY ALIVE" NO Just A Person With No Back Bone.
I am Not Trippin Fellas
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