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Source Draft
I love that pugs are still alive in source long after the competitive leagues have came and went. I used to join these servers to relive the fun days with old teammates and friends and I am so happy you guys have these. One thing would be cool (maybe monthly?) to do a source draft like way back when, have everyone sign up and join a discord, pick captains randomly and they pick their players then have a little tournament. If you want help organizing this (ladder brackets, etc) that'd be sick. It shouldn't take too long, best pug team wins.

No prizes or nothing, just for fun. I think it'd be awesome.

Whatcha think?
TBH the last couple WL's tournament's did not go well at all. Some people got banned for cheating and most of the time players get on a team and cannot show up for the game times. However, I really like the idea and maybe if someone can make custom teams we could just use a match server and play serious with said custom teams. Does not really have to be a tourney just a group of friends that want to play more serious than what you find in a regular scrim pug.
I think you're trying to become admin too hard too quick.

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Ill only play in Ben's tourneys .

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