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Banned  Tea suspicion


clips speak for themselves, just want a trained eye's opinion on these. i want to remind root admins he has been SMAC detected before.
(Oct 22 2018, 05:30 PM)rookoo Wrote: http://war-lords.net/pugs/70904

clips speak for themselves, just want a trained eye's opinion on these. i want to remind root admins he has been SMAC detected before.

here is the second video
shitty forum attachment system, heres the two clips
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Its funny how you walked the whole way from ct to that barrel without making absolutely no noise, and the bomb is down...and he peeked that? (Second video)

This player has been banned, i dont know what roots will think of this, but he will stay banned for now.

Thank you for the report flocko.
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I think the admins taking their time to review these reports will appreciate a lot that you actually took the time to record clips and pasting a specific demo, youd be surprised of the amount of time "reporters" aren't sharing proofs when accusing players.

Here for players who wondered when garq was smacced, https://war-lords.net/forum/thread-14693.html .

Deadie (ex-admin) also did a report earlier this year about the same player, https://war-lords.net/forum/thread-17224.html .

HF on source, everyone still playing it Heart
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   Drago, rookoo
just to be clear this thread was made without malice. obviously im pretty salty in the clips i posted during the game lol, but ive enjoyed playing with tea for his banter and friendliness. so i had HOPED he wasnt cheating but that second clip along with that entire game really sealed my belief.
Can't spell cheater without T E A
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   rookoo, sift
First clip was pretty obvious. The ONLY reason he would have to peek barrel there is if the enemy somehow appeared on radar when he peeked the guy pushing him from connector. Even then, why would he pixel peek the barrel only.

Didn't see anything in the second clip besides nutty shots.

Given his past, I'd say B& should ST&
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Imagine obviously cheating and getting fucked LOL
I am not even going to watch the clips because there is no point. I have never cheated and never will. I have played on wL servers for a long ass time and would not risk my nearly 400 game steam account just to cheat on some shit game. I can't prove anything other than word of mouth so if you guys seriously feel like I cheated then sorry for being decent at the game and being lucky. I wish you all the best and hold no grudges if I do get banned, even if it is false.

Quick edit : Make sure drago isn't the only one to review this because one or two clips of being fishy doesn't make me a cheater it means I can get lucky. Not to mention drago isn't exactly good at the game so his judgement over two clips or even a couple games is pretty irrelevant i feel.

Second quick edit : I lied, I watched the first clip. If you'll notice i didn't pre aim you or anything, I literally figured since one guy pushed me there could be another one close so i jiggle peeked the ENTIRE angle at head shot level then saw you. Not my problem I cleared an angle and everyone thinks I'm hacking now.

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