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Approved  Ban Appeal
(Dec 27 2018, 04:07 PM)i cri everytiem Wrote: I heard a lot of shit from this pig too:
I'm willing to review if you highlight specific rounds. I'm not up for a full pug review since the tuscan one made me unmotivated and tired.

Muffinman Wrote:
Rounds: 14 19 21 22 24 25 26 29 32 33 34
I strongly doubt he was walling in the tuscan PUG. If he was cheating the only possibility is some kind of trigger/toggling of an aimbot since he hit a few nutty shots, but by and large most of his kills weren't very impressive.

Bison (Tuscan review) Wrote:[subbed in R10]
R10 fail
R11 bad shot, ns
R12 sneaky
R13 shit spray
R14 nice shots, but should've pushed if walling due to defuse
R15 heard steps then a flash short, later shouldn't of preaimed CT if walling because player pushed out already
R16 should've known Marcos crossed and was cpl if walling
R17 nothing
R18 nothing
R19 hears s2
R20 tactical smoke mid, setting up really easy awp shots mid+cpl lol
R21 heard short, lucky flicks with bad placement
R22 nothing
R23 nothing
R24 messy round. hears s2, so he's paranoid at first, gets call A then misses so many awp shots... spams vagina, but saw a couple cross to there so not unusual behavior, then while pushing he proceeds to prefire areas in site where previously saw ppl, but they are no longer there
R25 paranoid S2 while no one there, then hears one a bit later, pushes and dies
R26 hears lots sa2, weird flick left at sa2, but otherwise hears everyone he kills
R27 gets sprayed from mid, bad placements whole round, hears last guy A push him
R28 forced to play A instead of mid because bojangles afks spawn then seemingly takes his usual spot mid/cpl
R29 if walls would've known muffin was nearly peeking cat from his last second scan and probably could've killed before rotating mid to B, last kill clearly suggests not walling because a very typical prediction (but wrong in this case) and his immediate correction after hearing footsteps felt genuine
R30 nothing
R31 sees glow from gunfire in smoke mid
R32 should've known guy was cpl with walls
R33 assumes door because pushed through everything and sewers broken, spams the same spot on door 4x and guy walks into the 4th bullet lol
R34 nothing
Steam Wrote: 4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: was out
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: bison, dude
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: ???
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: you're very rude towards alina
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: how about unbanning her friend?
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: I mean
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: it's only gamebanana skins
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: LOL
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: ^^
4:02 PM - Brawl Bashin’ Bison: LOLOL
4:02 PM - George, of the jungle: lol

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