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Resolved  Reporting Admin Abuse - Banned without warning nor explanation
There seems to be an anecdotal rise in admin abuse on the servers. Just now I got banned instantly by StabbinRabbit for "server rules". 

I was not kicked nor was there any written communication as to why I was being banned? Can someone review the admins and look into taking away privileges for those that abuse it and ruin the servers, aka rabbit. He is turning into a Jesuit it seems.
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damn wtf? i wanna hear rabbit's side of whatever happened. i was pissed off that he didnt take action against a guy who was unanimously accused of cheating last night, but i would never expect him to actually ABUSE admin, or even use it really. whats up doc?
Personally i have a hard time believing stabbin would admin abuse, (, you are his 3rd "non-kick" ban ever, 3rd ! And for only 4 hours.

Basically the only long term ban he ever did, he asked my opinion and bison's before doing it (for cheating), thats how seriously he uses his admin usually.

But who knows, there is a first time for everything !

Lets wait for stabbin to say his side of the story and bison or someone else high up review it.
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Honestly, even if that was an abuse...what's the big deal?
If he banned you he did it because you did something that you shouldn't.
You have been playing here long enough, you know the rules.
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Yea really not a big deal.. only bothered to mention it because it'd be nice to only get kicked (let alone banned) for breaking some known rules... In this case not too sure what I got banned for other than beating Helmut and Rabbit's team a few games in a row and then deciding I didn't want to play anymore.. oh well.. nbd.
You team switched on cache then a match later you left your team a man down on dust 2 while you stayed in spec for a good 5 minutes unbalancing the teams. Personally, I do not have problem with you. I think you are a cool guy, but you cannot be doing stuff like that. The ban was for 4 hours (which was a fair time by the standards). Lets just chalk this up to a learning experience and come to my place for Sunday dinner. I am having both Wendy's and Taco Bell. I have a clean toilet, So we can destroy that together. Smile
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Watch out for the bean burritos, he roofied the fuck out of me last time.
You were on the losing team in a de_cache game, and switched teams halfway through the game to troll me...

The next game, you left to sit in spectate. The game after, it was a 3v5 and 4v5 at times.. you would join, sit in spectate, and not join.. Stabbin warned you several times to sub in or gtfo, and you would just leave, come back a few minutes later, and repeat this process for an entire game.

Your ban is well deserved and you should be thankful it's only 4 hours. Next time miss me with that victim mentality bullshit.
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I was having internet issues, thought it was the server and even mentioned that multiple times. If I had left a live pug like both you liars have mentioned, the console would have handled it... the fact that I was manually banned by a person says everything we need to know. Let's close this thread.
Looks like the ban was justified. Seems you've been around for a while and should know better.
Ban has since expired, enjoy playing on the servers(:
*Please keep in mind, all War-Lords admins are donating their time to help the community. Each have their own lives to attend to and responses may take some time*

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